I’ll be taking part of a exhibition at FotoFoto Gallery in Huntington NY from January 9th to 19th 2019. All my photos will be photo from various performances over the years. Most will have be shot here on Long Island A reception will be held on the 12th from 5-7pm.

Happy Birthday Trane!!! by Saul Addison

The most influential jazz musician of the late 20th century, one of the greatest saxophonists of all time, and the pioneer of jazz without limits. 

Despite a relatively brief career (he first came to notice as a sideman at age 29 in 1955, formally launched a solo career at 33 in 1960, and was dead at 40 in 1967), saxophonist John Coltrane was among the most important, and most controversial, figures in jazz. It seems amazing that his period of greatest activity was so short, not only because he recorded prolifically, but also because, taking advantage of his fame, the record companies that recorded him as a sideman in the 1950s frequently reissued those recordings under his name and there has been a wealth of posthumously released material as well. Since Coltrane was a protean player who changed his style radically over the course of his career, this has made for much confusion in his discography and in appreciations of his playing. There remains a critical divide between the adherents of his earlier, more conventional (if still highly imaginative) work and his later, more experimental work. No one, however, questions Coltrane's almost religious commitment to jazz or doubts his significance in the history of the music.

The Half Hollow Hill Library in Huntington NY in conjunction with The Coltrane Home in Dix Hill NY. Held a Happy Birthday John Coltrane event. with workshops, raffles, games, Community Jam session, prizes and a talk about the John Coltrane and the Coltrane Home. It was a wonderful event with an excellent turn out by kids and adults.

We hope to see you there next year! 


John Coltrane Birthday Party!!! by Saul Addison

Come celebrate John Coltrane's Birthday on Saturday

September 23rd  10am to 4pm at the 

Half Hollow Hills Public Library, Dix Hills, NY

Funshops (workshops), Trane Talk – a presentation about John & Alice Coltrane and the Coltrane Home, Coltrane Jeopardy, Community Jam, Professional Performances, Activites for Children, Refreshments and More!  For kids 5 to 105.

Happy Birthday Mr Burrell!!! by Saul Addison

After 40 years as a jazz professional, appearing on several hundred albums as leader and sideman, Kenny Burrell is among the handful of guitar greats who have forever changed the role of their instrument.

Staunch musical integrity and discriminate taste coupled with matchless technique have made the guitarist nonpareil among his peers. “My goal is to play with good tone, good phrasing and to swing,” says Burrell, “I strive for honesty in playing what I feel.”

“Master instrumentalist and composer,” “virtuoso,” “historic figure of American guitar.” “Ellington's favorite guitar player”—this is a typical sampling of the critical praise routinely bestowed on Burrell, who pioneered the guitar-led trio with bass and drums in the late Fifties. Although he has since worked in countless other formats, from big band to three guitars plus rhythm to solo, he has remained constant in his quest to get the most out of a natural, low-volume, acoustic sound. “My audience has developed so that they come to listen and are quiet,” he explains. “Thus I can work in a limited volume range and explore all the subtleties that can happen, which is my favorite part of the music.”

My favorite jazz guitarist of them all have a blessed Birthday.

Coltrane Day 2017 by Saul Addison

The 2017 Coltrane Day music event to help raise money to restore the John & Alice Coltrane home in Dix Hills, NY. was an amazing success!
It was a great day of workshops, an artist village for local talent, followed by a community jam sessions and a interview with Brandee Younger. The day was filled with performances by the Matt Garrison band, who also led one of the days workshops. Followed by a performance by Circus Minds with Charles Neville, the Brandee Younger Quintet and the show was closed out by the Kenny Garrett Quintet with an outstanding show.

Happy Birthday Miles Davis by Saul Addison

Miles would have been 91 years old today. He changed the course of Jazz repeatedly during his lifetime. His side-men over the years have went on to become giants in jazz music. It's too hard for me to pick out a favorite song from the long list of songs he recorded. some of my favorites are as follows

On Green Dolphin Street

Straight No Chaser

Round Midnight

Miles Stone

All Blues

Freddie FreeLoader



Thank you Mr. Davis for all you have done for jazz music

Photo Exhibit by Saul Addison

My Photo exhibit will be held at Treme Islip from 2-5pm, come down and hang for a while check out my photos and listen to some great music!!!

My own Photo Exhibition!!! by Saul Addison

recently I have been invited by the owner of Treme Islip to have a photo exhibit in the club, my photos for one solid month, during the month of April International Jazz Appreciation month. It will be me and mine! I will hang somewhere between 10-14 photos around the club. Something I would have never thought possible a few years ago is about to happen. Now if only Blue Note records would give me that call about a shoot for a CD cover...