Happy Birthday Mr. Klugh / by Saul Addison

This is only a some sample of the accolades bestowed on Earl Klugh. He's one of my favorite guitarist.

“Mr. Klugh is a guitarist with impeccable technique...” - Nate Chinen, The New York Times

“Klugh is a guitar wizard…” - Siddhartha Mitter, The Boston Globe

“...Klugh is a master of nylon acoustic guitar and fingerstyle technique.” - Downbeat

“The guitarist’s skills are virtuosic. ...His indelible ear for clearly executed melodies reveals a musician of exceptional caliber.” - Sam Prestianni, Jazziz

“Few players of his generation ��” or any generation ��” have built such universally successful careers. Perhaps only two come to mind ��” Chet Atkins and George Benson, both of whom Klugh befriended and recorded and performed with.” ��” Adam Levy, Acoustic Guitar

“Earl Klugh, one of the nation’s great jazz acoustic guitarists.” - Jerry Fink, The Las Vegas Sun

“Klugh…is a leading knight of the acoustic guitar and has put together a familiar sound that is soft, but never lapses into the dreaded land of the smooth.” - Bob Karlovits, The Pittsburgh Tribune Review

“…jazzman Earl Klugh played the national anthem for us on acoustic guitar - Sublime…” - Roger Friedman, FOX News Correspondent, on Earl’s performance at the 2nd annual Recording Arts Day on Capitol Hill

“Earl [Klugh] stands shoulder to shoulder with the legends of solo guitar...While most know the Grammy winning artist from his highly successful smooth jazz recordings, he is also one of the greatest solo players to have ever picked up the instrument.” - Bill Piburn, fingerstylereview.com and Fingerstyle Guitar