Yabuno Ettun Project “Collage of Moments” / by Saul Addison

My first CD review by an awesome trio, 

Haruka Yabuno {Japanese} jazz pianist, Milena Jancuric {Serbian} flute player & Ehud Ettun {Israeli} - bass player

After starting out as a duo tour through Europe in the Summer of 2015 by the pianist Haruka Yabuno & the bassist Ehud Ettun, they fortunately picked-up flautista Milena Jancuric mid-way thru the tour and and recorded this wonderful CD of seven improvisational pieces during a stop in Serbia during their tour.What I love most about this CD is that they communicate well with each other, and compliment each other’s playing. Being that they only played together as a trio mid-way through a tour of Europe in the Summer of 2015 to produce this level of artistry is amazing to me.