D.K. Anderson - 8th Window CD review / by Saul Addison

D.K. Anderson - 8th Window

Hailing from Pittsburgh, multi-instrumentalist DK Anderson latest release the “8th Window” a jazz jam of a CD a mix of original pieces and covers. Throughout the CD you can tell DK Anderson is not to afraid to take risks in his choices of tunes and stretch out with his music. The two stand-out tunes is a rousing funk-filled ride of Jimi Hendrix “Manic Depression” with DK Anderson leading the charge on saxophone. The other tune is “Double Vision” that begins as a slow simmer when it reaches temperature it’s a laid-back groove with Dave DiStefano playing a fluid and seductive guitar vamp. The CD closes with a  live version of “Caravan” an original take on a jazz standard. A CD with some of the best musicians in the Pittsburgh area, you can’t help but bop your head along with each song on the CD.

Saul Addison - Jazz Photographer/writer