Happy Birthday Wes! by Saul Addison

Wes Montgomery was unquestionably the most significant jazz guitarist to emerge during the 1960s. He was probably the most influential postwar improviser on the guitar. The jazz guitar of Wes Montgomery, deemed "the biggest, warmest, fattest sound on record," still reverberates today, nearly forty years after his death. Wes re-invented the instrument with his thumb-plucking technique, his innovative approach to playing octaves, and his inventive, masterful execution of complex lines. In the short span of a 9 year recording career as a leader, his name became synonymous with the jazz guitar.


Yabuno Ettun Project “Collage of Moments” by Saul Addison

My first CD review by an awesome trio, 

Haruka Yabuno {Japanese} jazz pianist, Milena Jancuric {Serbian} flute player & Ehud Ettun {Israeli} - bass player

After starting out as a duo tour through Europe in the Summer of 2015 by the pianist Haruka Yabuno & the bassist Ehud Ettun, they fortunately picked-up flautista Milena Jancuric mid-way thru the tour and and recorded this wonderful CD of seven improvisational pieces during a stop in Serbia during their tour.What I love most about this CD is that they communicate well with each other, and compliment each other’s playing. Being that they only played together as a trio mid-way through a tour of Europe in the Summer of 2015 to produce this level of artistry is amazing to me.

D.K. Anderson - 8th Window CD review by Saul Addison

D.K. Anderson - 8th Window

Hailing from Pittsburgh, multi-instrumentalist DK Anderson latest release the “8th Window” a jazz jam of a CD a mix of original pieces and covers. Throughout the CD you can tell DK Anderson is not to afraid to take risks in his choices of tunes and stretch out with his music. The two stand-out tunes is a rousing funk-filled ride of Jimi Hendrix “Manic Depression” with DK Anderson leading the charge on saxophone. The other tune is “Double Vision” that begins as a slow simmer when it reaches temperature it’s a laid-back groove with Dave DiStefano playing a fluid and seductive guitar vamp. The CD closes with a  live version of “Caravan” an original take on a jazz standard. A CD with some of the best musicians in the Pittsburgh area, you can’t help but bop your head along with each song on the CD.

Saul Addison - Jazz Photographer/writer

R.I.P. Mr. Jarreau by Saul Addison

One of the most distinguished voices of our time past away today at the age of 76. A seven time Grammy award winner. I recall listening to him sing "Take 5" on WRVR as a kid, I thought it was impossible for the human voice to do those things. Mr Jarreau you will be missed 😢



Performance & photoshoot by Saul Addison

Going to shoot a friend's band tonight at IBeam in Brooklyn should be awesome. Photos may get published at a later date :-D

3×2: Proxy [Crompton/Wengrow/Alfieri] + Hannaford/Viner/Rainey

Thursday, December 8th 8:30 PM $15 Suggested Donation

8:00 – Proxy
Jon Crompton – Sax
James Wengrow – Guitar
Michael Alfieri – Drums

9:00 – Hannaford/Viner/Rainey
Marc Hannaford – Piano
Jeremy Viner – Winds
Tom Rainey – Drums